Using its experience in boat security and risk prevention and following the increasing demand in boat protection, Marine Assistance now propose the first GSM alarm for your boat.
Based on GSM communication protocol, the NaviProtect from Marine Assistance is an alarm designed for vehicles such as boat.

Alarme bateau photo GSM

Wherever you are, and assuming that the terminal is connected to the GSM network, you can activate the alarm on your boat. Using various sensors (infrared and volumetric), Naviprotect is an efficient way to watch over your boat from your home at a resonnable price.

When the device detects someone you will be warned on your phone and the security company (if you choose this option) will call you, send a security guard to your boat or call the police. You will receive pictures of the intruders on your phone and on your email address.

You can control the device using your phone or the wireless remote included in the package.

Linked to our security center (included when the “Télésurveillance” option is chosen), all information are processed by our trained and certified agents (24/7). If required, they will contact you, send a security guard or even call the police if needed.

PRICE :  399 € Tax Included.