Come see the C-POD Security System at the Grand Pavois of La Rochelle 2014

With its web and smartphone interface, The system C-POD&#0153 was presented this year at the digital pole of the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle. In the past couple of years, new technologies are more and more widspread in the pleasure craft industry.

The C-POD&#0153 system is one of those new tools and it has generated a lot of interest during the boat show of La Rochelle. The possibility of protecting, tracking and controling a boat remotely was greatly appriciated by both the professionals and the boat owners.

Among the professionals, boat rental companies had a particular interest in our system and the free app C-POD Fleet&#0153 which allow monitoring in real time their whole fleet.

For boat owners and since a lot of them do not live close to their boat, the idea of having, in real time, a wide range of info (battery charge, boat position, …) using the different captors C-POD&#0153 was a very interesting prospect for them.

If you were not able to come to La Rochelle this year, do not worry, we will be at the Paris Boat Show from December 6th, to December 14th, 2014. You can also find all the info you need here.