Marine Assistance is extending its coverage to Italian waters

Marine Assistance has finalized its partnership with its Italian equivalent and is now able to cover its clients in Italian waters (Sardinia and Sicily included). This coverage is available for all the new subscribers who choose a « SERENITY France/Italy » contract (189€TTC/year).


In front of an audience of over 350 people from the assurance that the winners of the 9th edition of the Argus d’Or received their prizes. In total, a record of 13 winners demonstrates that the crisis has not been taken on innovation in insurance.C’est devant un parterre de plus de 350 personnes issus de l’assurance que les lauréats de la 9ème édition des Argus d’Or ont reçu leurs prix. Au total, c’est un palmarès de 13 lauréats qui démontre que la crise n’a pas eu prise sur l’innovation dans l’assurance.

Salvage and recovery : In 2012 Marine Assistance is increasing its services towards insurers and insurance brokers

Thanks to our service center which is operating 24/7 and the development on our network of service operators, we are able to increase our cooperation with insurance companies and insurance brokers concerning our salvage and recovery services. Having managed over 70 cases of

Over 50 cases of salvage and recovery management in 2011 !

Marine Assistance is applying all its knowledge and expertise when it comes to salvage an recovery interventions. Thanks to its surveillance center all sort of interventions can be initialized 24/7 , from the occurrence of the accident until the handover of the rescued

99% of our clients “very satisfied”.

In fact, each of our service operators is evaluating the client’s satisfaction after having been called out in order to solve a breakdown situation. Having carefully evaluated all of those opinions we are now delighted to share this extremely positive result with the